Crystals are created in many different forms,


*Rainbow Quartz is clear quartz with prisms contained or trapped inside. Rainbows themselves choose which quartz crystals to live within. Sometimes prisms are very tiny, there may be one or several prisms of different sizes, clarity and intensity. There is no doubt you must be open to seeing beyond the surface appearance of a beautiful quartz crystal to see into its depths. Each tiny rainbow contains all the colors of the Rainbow. A rainbow is a cosmic bridge between the physical realm and the Ethereal Realm of Spirit.

*Tabular Quartz crystals are naturally flat on two sides, being much wider than the other four opposing sides of the crystal which are significantly smaller or very narrow. These incredibly beautifully shaped crystals carry and maintain a very high, intense vibration, serving as bridges or conduits for increasing and intensifying a connection between two people, integrating and balancing Chakra energy centers or connecting two geographical points. A Tabular crystal will assist you in reaching through the veil to thee Angelic Realm, hearing and receiving guidance from your Guardian Angels.

*Obelisks originated in Ancient Egypt appearing in pairs, generally guarding the entrances to Temples and sacred sites. The Obelisk symbolizes the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses' descent from the Heavens to the Earthly physical plane. It is a Greek word meaning needle. Needles are typically used to pierce fabric or leather. The intention of the Obelisk is to 'pierce' through the realms, the veil which separates humankind from the Gods and Goddesses. It's carved shaped enables it to pierce or break-up negative energies.

*Generator crystals both naturally shaped and carved Generator crystals posses the same unique qualities and may be used to enhance meditation, tools to focus your intentions, intensifying and magnifying energy. All six sides of a crystal come together, forming an apex or point. They are useful tools for increasing energy, magnifying the energies of any and all crystals within a 2foot radius.

*Clusters are many crystals which have formed one unit or a small city of crystal points. Crystal clusters are gifted to us in many sizes, shapes and a wide variety of quartz crystals to include Amethyst, Calcite Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz and Tangerine. Clusters may be used to cleanse and re-charge smaller crystals, to protect your home or office, to raise the vibration in your meditation space.

The shape of a crystal increases its own natural energy, assisting all who work with crystals to enhance meditation and healing on many levels to include the cellular level.

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