Crystal chandeliers are a great way to bring elegance


Crystal chandeliers with classic designs are a popular choice; in fact, many of the modern crystal chandelier styles are based on the timeless beauty of its vintage counterparts. The only difference is how the frame and the crystals are arranged to fit with the creative minds the conceptualized its existence for the modern home. Many manufactures have taken a classic, traditional design and made it fit into the more modern design elements

Most of the basic designs today are multi-tiered chandeliers that incorporate both the crystals and lighting fixtures. You can see innovative designs having multiple layers of luxurious Swarovski crystals that glitter like the starry sky that offers a dazzling lighting display that will definitely give off a luxurious ambience that your family and guests will surely love. It's up to you to pick the right one for your home.

Choosing A Crystal Chandelier

1. Decide On A Specific Theme

You can narrow down your search for a crystal chandelier by picking out a specific theme that suits the style and architecture of your home. If you have a traditional styled residence, then it would be to your advantage to pick the same for your crystal chandelier. Modern homes may fit with the design of both vintage and contemporary chandelier.

2. Base It On The Features Of Your Home

It would be to your best interest to study your home first before buying a crystal chandelier. First, determine where you want to place the lighting fixture so that you can easily find a design for it. Next, carefully measure the dimension of the room -- buying an overly-large crystal chandelier may become an eyesore for a medium-sized room. Stick with the right size if you want it to look good in your home.

3. Price You Can Afford

Crystal chandeliers are quite expensive, especially those that are made up off quality crystals -- like Swarovski. Homeowners with a limited budget might want to compare them out during window shopping to get the best design of crystal chandelier for your home at a price that will fit your wallet just right. You can also wait for these shops to go on sale or offer discounts on their chandelier selections to give your budget a little leverage for this home improvement project.

4. The type of crystal you pick

Choosing the different styles of crystal can greatly impact your budjet. Here is a explanation of all the different types of crystals brought to your by Crystorama lighting

STRASS CRYSTAL : is the most elegant and most expensive of all the crystal types.

Strass crystal is the finest crystal in the world. Strass is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps. Strass is an optically pure crystal, clear as spring water, totally free of flaws, and imperfections unique in purity and brilliance. Strass crystal is characterized by razor-sharp cutting of facets with the lead content in excess of 30 percent. Cutting and polishing are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity. Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean and maintain. This type of crystal is would be for the crystal enthusiast.

SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: retains much of the beauty as a strass crystal without the price tag.

A passion for perfection has made Swarovski the world leader in the production of cut crystal. Swarovski the manufacturer of Strass Crystal, has created a new alternative quality crystal. Swarovski has used advanced technology with old world knowledge to produce a brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light reflection. This crystal type is designed for a crystal connoisseur demanding quality at an affordable price.

MAJESTIC WOOD POLISHED: This kind of crystal is for crystal connoisseur who wants the traditional look of olde world crystal

Wood Polished crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron and then a sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then hand polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. These technique goes back centuries. If you look closely you will notice light traces of the wood-wheel attesting to the concentrated labor of the artisan. This is a mark of authenticity. Each crystal piece is a unique and original to each chandelier.

ITALIAN CRYSTAL : This type of crystal is for a home owner that wants the beauty of crystal but may be starting out in fine home lighting but can not afford a Swarovski or strass price. This is a great option.

Venetian crystal is molded, not cut. You will notice a rounding of edges that comes from fire polishing. Molded crystal though never as brilliant as cut crystal, has a subtle charm and is an exceptional value. It is an ideal budget crystal for heavily dressed and/or commercially oriented crystal chandeliers.

MURANO CRYSTAL is typically used for creating ornate pieces with unique and interesting designs


Each hand blown piece is an original work of art. No two crystals are alike. When color is added, the crystal takes on a whimsical form. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Including fruit, spheres, tear-drops and flowers

What ever type of crystal chandelier that you choose it will bring elegance and sophistication to your home. They will create a focal point that will set the theme in a room.There is a wide variety of home lighting and crystal chandeliers available at They carry many great designer name brands like Crystorama lighting to help make your home beautiful.

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