Corporate Trophies are an important tool in the


They are not exactly a new trend because the idea has been around since the beginning of corporate rewards. The engraved trophies have gone through a renewed form of popularity because of modern technology they now have new and improved graving. Laser graving is extremely popular because it is precise and the etchings are much deeper. The engraving is often done on a metal material for trophies but crystal and glass can also be used thanks to the new laser technology. This is possible because the laser is so small and fine that there is a much less chance of the crystal or glass breaking while engraving.

The art of engraving is the perfect way to personalize a corporate trophy. The simpler the design of the trophy is the better the crafting that can be done. The trophies that are engraved are a lot more sentimental because they have that personal touch to them. If you know the person's name that it is going to then you can engrave it into the trophy or else you can put a special message onto it.

The glass trophies are quite new. Before them they used wood and metal mostly for trophies. Trophy makers were looking for new materials and the glass stuck because they are clear and very shiny. Glass is a big favourite and it can be easily modified into any shape thanks to the latest technology. In the past it was very difficult to mould and bend the shape of glass for corporate trophy trophies and plaques. Corporate companies like the glass trophies for their elegant and futuristic look. They are completely different to the solid one toned trophy. They are well known for their crystal clear and sparkly reflections that go in all directions when displayed.

Glass trophies are available in many different sizes. They come in round shapes like the world globe that can be placed on a table or pedestal. The oval ones stand without any support and are well liked for that feature. Then you get the custom shaped ones that are made into buildings and future looking towers. They can even put your company logo onto them so that when you present it to your employee it has their position, name and your company's logo on it.

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