Corning Advanced Optics HPFS high-purity fused silica glass and ULE ultra-low expansion glass are one of the companies


   Corning announced on September 6 that it will showcase its new business of precision glass solutions and other advanced optical materials and technologies at the 2017 China International Optoelectronic Expo held in Shenzhen, China from September 6 to 9.   Corning Precision Glass Solutions provides industry-leading glass wafer and panel solutions to help customers meet increasingly stringent functional and form factor requirements in semiconductor, consumer electronics and IoT applications. The fastest growing areas of glass applications include RF front-end modules for high-speed mobile communications, back-end packaging for semiconductor manufacturing, wafer-level optical products for 3D sensors, optical devices for augmented reality devices, and wafer-level capping solutions for consumer electronics products And a variety of micro-electronic mechanical system devices.   Precision glass solutions use Corning's 160-year-old professional glass production technology, combined with its industry-leading strength in the field of material growth. Through the development and manufacturing of coating, flatness measurement data analysis, precision laser cutting and surface treatment including etching, Corning precision glass solutions have created unparalleled value for our customers. David Velasquez, Global Vice President and Business Director of Corning's Precision Glass Solutions Division, said: 'The application of glass in the field of electronic technology is rapidly developing. Corning established this special business to help customers quickly transform from traditional materials to glass materials. '  'We have a global operating network and a commercial team composed of a large number of industry experts from Corning China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States. Then we have achieved a'one stop' from glass design to glass product supply Service'. Moreover, as China invests heavily in semiconductor manufacturing, this business will further develop to meet the growing industry demand.” Velasquez said.   In addition to supplying components for semiconductor integrated circuits, Corning also provides major optical components for domestic semiconductor lithography machines, large astronomical telescopes and other government optical projects. These applications require high-quality optical transmission characteristics, and does this require Corning? HPFS high-purity fused silica glass and Corning? ULE ultra-low expansion glass to achieve. Corning Advanced Optics Division is maximizing the use of its existing facilities to expand glass production capacity to meet the optical industry’s demand for HPFS high-purity fused silica glass and ULE ultra-low expansion glass products, including the needs of Asian customers as well as Asia The needs of customers outside the region.   Today, Corning Advanced Optics is one of the companies that can produce the industry’s largest HPFS high-purity fused silica glass and ULE ultra-low expansion glass. At the same time, Corning Advanced Optics also manufactures smaller and higher value-added optical components, such as glass rods, wafers and lenses, and provides a wider range of additional services, including optical polishing, optical coating and product supply chain management.

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