Contraindications include allergic and inflammatory


Should he be involved in an accident or become unconscious and unable to remove the lenses, prolonged wearing may be injurious to the cornea.Briefly, recommendations for the wearers of contact lenses are:

1. Wash hands thoroughly before touching the lenses, whether applying them or removing them 2. Cleanse lenses only with the recommended sterile solution. It should be 'noncaustic.' 3. Dry the lenses when they are removed and to be stored 4. Keep the storage kit clean 5. Do not wear lenses beyond the prescribed time. Usually, the maximal average is 10 to 16 hours. 6. Do not wear lenses when sleeping or suffering from an eye infection.The improper use of contact lenses can cause corneal abrasions and ulcerations, which result from poorly fitted lenses, improper technique in applying or removing the lenses, and insufficient tear circulation under the lenses.Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, precautions and safeguards must still be understood by everybody and not only the wearer of contact lenses.The contact lenses must be regarded as a medical prosthesis, not a cosmetic device. The care and precaution given to any medical 'prosthesis' must be used with contact lenses.Information on stuffy ear, relieving ear pressure , ear pressure relief, can be found at the Health And Nutrition Tips site.

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