Continuous hot fortress mobile phone market, let


However, anyway, we have to follow the mainstream of the upper reaches of the company go to seize the market, can have a business to do. See how we stepped on the photoelectric beat of wonderland.

First look at the market condition of the global miniature projector.

The international brand of traditional projector firms have batch production standalone micro projector, including Mr Figure code, benq, Toshiba, 3 M, EPSON, etc.; International a line mobile phone manufacturer, has begun to have embedded mobile phone projector products on market such as samsung, LG, SONY Ericsson and nokia; International a digital camera manufacturers launched line nikon projection DSC, SONY also announced by projection module development DV; Domestic famous manufacturer CLP digital, day John, hisense, LuShen has launched micro projector.

However, these international brand price is not the ordinary Chinese consumers can accept. However, in their open front, with their marketing effect, the next market to do is fortress Cost Down, and photoelectric can reach this vision wonderland.

China hold market start

Nearly eye, the photoelectric LCOS full set of wonderland plan new mobile phone medium-sized Bridges (MT6225 platform) has set up a file in the shandong TV's TV shopping open to sell, price 1900 yuan, this should be the stronghold of miniature projector pioneer, and the other a have already opened sell is AiPuTaiKe mobile phones. Next, several top phone design company has put on record, expected in the second quarter would be listed; The second line and homebred brand mobile phone manufacturer China rainbow, JinLi, Newman, GaoXinJi, TianYu, the government's remit, jose, Vcall, cool, etc will be the next step of the eye in the standard photoelectric wonders.

In addition to the cell phone, digital camera is integrated micro projector another important market. It is reported, bosoar clever digital and the company is preparing to open case, in the second quarter of this year will be more home digital camera manufacturers intervention.

Of course, there is also cannot little is MP4 / PMP market, integrated tiny projectors, is an absolute attract eyeball selling point. And with mobile phones can't support the Word and PPT file, compared to MP4 / PMP on the two can import format, for business people bring great convenience, are ready to show to the customer of the rich speech. It is reported, yu core technology has a case, and red core microelectronics, jun is, echoo, torch force, etc is investigation and research, and in the second quarter is expected to would have much money of integrated micro projector MP4 / PMP listed.

In addition to the above three market outside, portable DVD and independent professional micro projector market would also start.

Photoelectric LCOS projection wonderland micro scheme, with different light machine, there will be many different grades of module to offer to the customer, to let the different needs of customers to realize differentiation. So, the composition of the photoelectric scheme wonderland and on how the cost? He has such confidence in the mainland market fully spread out?

The characteristics of the photoelectric scheme wonderland and cost

The industry for miniature projector is the definition of a size less than 10 cc, thickness is less than 10 mm, power consumption less than 2 W, can display VGA graphics and more than 10 lm's output. At present the main way to realize micro projector is TI's DLP, Microvision's MEMS technology (in laser as the light source) and wonders photoelectric LCOS technology. LCOS to white LED as the light source, the photoelectric wonders of 3 M's alliance for last year, products in nikon, make its position quickly ascension.

'Tiny projection is show + electronic interface + light source. The best display technology is Liquid crystal display technology, the best semiconductor technology is Silicon, the best back light is LED the three advantages. Comprehensive LCOS (Liquid-crystal on Silicon) is undoubtedly the most appropriate technology miniature projection.' The person in charge of the wonderland of photoelectric said, 'I can say, LCOS technology before did not find the it market position, micro projector will now is the killer application LCOS.' Photoelectric can provide color filter wonderland type LCOS (CF type) and color order type LCOS (CS type), all is the single LCOS, have a cost advantage.

LCOS projector is the main component of LCOS micro display chip, including light devices and electronic devices. And wonders now can provide the photoelectric from 320 X240 resolution to 800 X600, brightness from 10 lm to 50 of the lm LCOS micro display chip, also provide EE drive IC and LED drive IC. Photoelectric and optical device manufacturers wonderland work together with the light module to provide electronic manufacturer; The wonderland of photoelectric to provide their own module to electronic manufacturer, see the needs of the users and decide.

Be in China at present, the market has developed LCOS module manufacturers including: JOC and CDT, will also develop and Uneed ROI other modules manufacturer.

Nature is the most concerned about last price. Due to the different brightness lm module prices vary more far, here or in the above mentioned new mobile phone medium-sized Bridges as an example, the MT6225 platform increase the projection function, will bring about $30 additional cost, including LCOS module for $25, EE drive IC for $2.5, LED drive less than $1 part. Of course, the relative to the price of MT6225 set piece is already several times, but as a new selling point, it was worth a try, and when the stronghold of the market, because the process features silicon LCOS, module the price will drop quickly, $10 goals in the future cost May 1-2 years to achieve. Right, power consumption, will bring about 1.5 W mobile phone for the extra power (LCOS light machine 1.3 W, electronic devices 200 mW), is also to be further reduce digital ah

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