Contact lenses are those pieces of plastic which

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Before wearing contact lenses, doctor must examine your eyes whether they are healthy enough to wear contact lenses or not. If your eyes are healthy enough, then the fitter fits the correct lenses and let you learn also how to use them and how to care for them. If any problem arises, you can consult your optician and he/she can help you sort out your problem. But it is your duty to follow the direction given by the fitter for the care of lenses, wear them correctly and visit him/her for next check up.

There are two main contact lenses, which are available in the market i.e. soft lenses, and rigid lenses. Both have different usages and indications. There are older hard lenses and larger sclera lenses, which are hardly available in the market due to its obsoleteness. The larger sclera lenses are used for specific eye condition.

There are few diseases in which use of contact lenses are highly recommended such as astigmatism.

This is a condition in which eye shape becomes so irregular and glasses remain unable to provide adequate vision then the use of contacts become inevitable for the patient. These lenses are also used for the control of nearsightedness and farsightedness. They are also advised to wear after refractive surgery. In many cases of cornea, it is highly advisable to wear these lenses so that cornea can heal or reduce the pain.

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