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One of the most common misconceptions is that one type of contact lens can fit all eye problems. In the daily life, a lot of people think their contact lens can correct all their eye problems. No matter nearsightedness or astigmatism, they all wear the same pair of contact lens. Actually it is absolutely wrong. For different eye problems, people should choose different types of contact lenses. As for which type of contacts you should choose to correct your eyesight, it is better to consult in your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will give you some eye tests to find the problem, and then recommend the suitable pair of contact lens to you, together with some advice on their use and maintenance. Please make sure do not take a certain kind of contacts for granted and use them without the approval of your eye doctor.

Another common mistake when choosing contact lenses is people are likely to choose some brand contact lenses. No doubt that brand contact lenses will have more reliable quality and good after-sale service. But on one hand, not all brand contacts are suitable for your eyes; and on the other hand, brand contact lenses also mean that you have to pay more on the pair. As we know, we need to change contact lenses for a certain time, and we have to clean and maintain them with their solutions or containers, so they will cost us a lot of money. Therefore, when we decide to buy a pair of brand contact lenses, please make sure that you can afford the cost based on your financial ability.

Then let's talk about hard contact lenses. Generally speaking, hard lenses are durable and less expensive compared with soft contact lenses. But there are also some shortcomings, for example, for people with sensitive eyes, they may feel uncomfortable with hard lenses. If your eyes are sensitive, please ask for your eye doctor's advice. But now there is pure vision contact lens that can allow the oxygen to get into our eyes through the lens so as to retain moisture in our eyes and make people more comfortable to wear them.

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