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A colored contact lens is a cosmetic lens that is generally placed on the cornea of your eye. These lenses are used as a corrective or therapeutic measure and at the same time, they also give the wearer's eyes a new color.

Colored contact lenses can be categorized in four main types, which are visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque colored and light filtering lenses. The spherical area in the center of the lens, the one which comes over the pupil, does not have any color giving the wearer unobstructed and clear view.

Manufacturers sometimes add a faint color of blue or green to the normal lens which make it easy to wear and to spot. These lenses are known as visibility tints.

A enhancement tint comprises of subtle tints that are used in order to deepen the color of the eyes. The main purpose of these lenses are to emphasize the natural color of the eyes and not to give it a new color.

Opaque lenses, on the other hand, are used to completely change the current color of the eyes. These lenses are available in a wide variety of shades based on a person's skin type and skin requirements. Hazel green, blue and light brown are some of the most popular colors of contact lenses in Culver City. Other available colors include gray, aquamarine, amethyst and violet. The advancement of technology allows manufacturers to make them with a precision that replicates the natural look.

Light filtering lenses are a relatively new invention that is usually used by sportsmen to subdue some colors or to enhance others. This improves their color differentiation, helping them spot the ball easily.

Lenses are also available in strange colors that used by people for theatrical advantage. They are novelty item that is usually worn to costume parties and other such events. This is another reason for the growing popularity of colored contact lenses in Culver City as well as the rest of the world.

However, it is necessary that one does not wear colored lenses in harsh light or very dim conditions. There is a natural system within the eyes that causes the pupil to contract or to relax depending on the light conditions. The pupil generally dilates under dim conditions and if a person is wearing a colored lens in such circumstance, he is bound to experience distortion in his vision.

A colored lens requires as much care as a normal lens. Although daily disposable lenses need not be cleaned, they must be disposed by the end of the day. But the longer usage lenses have to be cleaned with the liquid cleansing solution that is given along with the lens. This solution prevents the deposition of protein and makes it easier to use the lenses. If it is not cleaned properly, the protein deposits will have to be removed with some enzymatic cleaners. Also oily deposits that may come from hands become difficult to clean which is why the hands must be washed properly before one handles the lenses.

Colored lenses are a great way of spicing your look for a party. There are many opticians who sell colored contact lenses in Culver City. A search through the Internet or the telephone directory will give you some satisfactory results.

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