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Surat, the commercial capital of India, is one of the fastest progressing cities in India. Recent study indicated that Surat had the highest household income. However, the study also revealed that there was a steady increase in the crime rate of the city. Police officials stated that on an average one case of kidnapping is registered every three days in the city. It is observed that crime increases in a developing city. This city is progressing at a fast pace. Crime is an obvious threat in such places. Installation of CCTV video security system in Surat will keep it in check.

There are many types of CCTV Video Security Camera System Surat. It is necessary to choose the right type in order to obtain maximum benefits. Some advice on the type of equipment to select for a particular premise is as given below:

*Dome cameras: They are the most suitable application for normal use. It is suitable for closed premises like houses, stores, factories, etc. Employee theft, stealing of goods by house servants, and other such incidents can be prevented through this CCTV in Surat.

*Infra-red cameras: This CCTV video security system in Surat can be used for day and night surveillance. Professional burglars usually rob at night. Installing this device will prove to be the most effective, then! It may show a color video at day and black and white picture at night.

*Vari-focal cameras: When you need to have a surveillance system with non-fixed focal length, you can make use of this instrument. It retains their focus throughout their focal length range.

*Regular C Mount cameras: These offer high quality picture in large distances. If your premise is a big area, then you can select this type of CCTV in Surat. Its lens can be changed for sharper image.

*Hidden cameras: If one wants to use the technology for covert applications, this CCTV video security system in Surat is recommended. It can be fixed in smoke detectors or other such instruments for hidden monitor.

These are the various types of CCTV in Surat. Mounting these equipments is necessary in the city. It will reduce the growing crime rate in the city. Based on the area that you own, any type can be chosen. Security has become a major concern in the city. This factor cannot be neglected under the pretext that it is a part of speedy progress. Or else, Surat may also have to bear the quandaries that big cities like Delhi and Bombay saw in the past.

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