Clear Quartz which is merely composed of silicon


Why are quartz called the stone of power? Mainly, because it brings to life the cosmic forces, balances chakras, and enhances your ability to heal. It serves not only as magnifying glass but also a cosmic filter. Quartz focuses, stores, transforms, and amplifies energy. Its amazing abilities allow an altered state of consciousness, by transforming the energy of the stars in the soul and transfers thoughts into sound. It helps you to under the cause of disease and has been successfully used in diagnostic healing. Quartz allows increased intuition, confidence, power, and awareness. It obtains an affinity for all the signs and will vibrate to the number four.

Many say you can use the Clear Quartz to protect yourself and your energy against outside influences. Many choose to carry it with them placing it in areas such as wallet, purse, or pants pocket. Clear Quartz is good for keeping the immune system strong and clean. It will help to relieve you of cold like symptoms, physical or mental stress, and anxiety. You can place a chunk in your water to drink until you feel as though you are past the danger point. Clear Quartz combined with Hematite is the perfect healing combination for those who are suffering from inflammatory processes. For those that are sensitive to the crystal you may choose to only use a single stone for your own benefit.

Many individuals choose to wear the clear quartz in the form of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. They feel as though if they keep the quartz close to them that it will help keep them strong and focused. The clear quartz is about support and loyalty. It brings encouragement to practice this is your own life.

There are a variety of reasons individuals choose to purchase or carry this crystal with them but one thing is for sure thanks to their beauty they always make a wonderful gift.

If you are looking for a crystal necklace, Ideal Crystal is an online specialty shop offering assorted Clear Quartz necklaces.

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