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If you are easily allergic to some flowers and plants in the allergy seasons, the Focus Dailies of CIBA Vision contact lenses can be your choice. This daily disposable lenses offer the cleanest, clearest and smoothest way of the vision needs of the day, and are the best choice for allergic people because the single day use only reduces the possibility of building up germs and deposits.

If you are a sports active person, the Focus Dailies and Focus Progressives of CIBA Vision contact lenses will be your best alternate. Focus Dailies offer fresh and sharp vision for achieving best possible athletic performances. Even you are wearing regular eyeglasses in the normal time, you can still use Focus Dailies of CIBA Vision lens to participate in the sports activities. For people above 40, there is no need to feel discouraged in taking part in sports, the Focus Progressives will aid you see clear both near stuff and distant ones with very smooth transition from close to far.

The most revolutionary CIBA Vision lens is the Night & Day which enables the wearer to use this CIBA Vision contact lenses for up to 30 days. This is the first of same kind to be approved by RDA and sheerly frees people from hassles of removing and cleaning lenses everyday. This CIBA vision lens absorbs 6 times more oxygen than the normal soft contact lenses.

For those women who love to show the radiance and sparkle of their eyes, the FreshLook of CIBA Vision lens can best fit their needs. The FreshLook color lenses of CIBA Vision contact lenses help enhance the wearers' appearance by illuminating their eye colors. Even you don't have any vision error, the plano CIBA Vision contact lenses can give you the look of eyes you need to show.

No matter what your need is for CIBA Vision contact lenses, always tell your doctor and let him prescribe and fit for you. Any wearing without the ophthalmologist's advice will be at risk.

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