Chandeliers today are no longer exclusive to Churches


Unlike in the old times, a contemporary chandelier has several lamps and delicately arranged glass shapes to disperse the light in remarkable patterns. These crystal lights often constitute candle holders and prisms that reflect the light. Better yet, they can also be bought as discount chandeliers.

Still, a different style can grace the kitchen or the hallway, the top of the staircase and even the ceilings of the outdoor are. There are many styles of Chandeliers to choose from. You could go for Rustic, Classical, Contemporary and Crystals. Each of the style has its own set of variety to blend with the existing style and theme of the room.

There are also traditional chandeliers suitable for your bedroom. They can be of smaller diameter compared to dining room. Because they are traditional, they also use candles as the source of light. If you want modern, there are several chandeliers fixtures created especially for that. There are also discount chandeliers in the local lighting stores that you can choose from.

If the room is not larger than 10' by 10', a chandelier between 17' and 20' diameter is the perfect match. 26' to 27' diameter chandelier would fit right to a room of 12' by 12'; and so does a chandelier of 24' to36' diameter to a room of 14' by 14'. To implement safety measures, Chandeliers must have the standard distance from the surface of the table to 30', lest some heads would bump into the light.

A Flemish Chandelier would fit the dining room. It is a reproduction of the classical chandelier. Its bulb resembles candles. A kind of Rustic Chandelier that would match kitchen and bedroom is Anastasia. It is known to grace the room with its simple beauty and style. A medium to large size can also be used in dining or living rooms.

However, if your dining room or hallway resembles formal style, a wrought iron fixture blends well. Crusader shall be right for the dining room while Nova can do wonders to your hall. These Chandeliers can come in different style and bearing. They can be simple or they can be elaborate with crystals. The good thing about these hanging lights is its being easy to maintain.

The same principle goes to living room, bedroom, hallway and outdoor. The higher the ceiling the more layers you can have for your chandelier. A Multi-layered crystal chandelier renders everyone breathless when it hangs from the top of the staircase.

There are also lights made from alabaster glass, hand-blown glass droplets, steel and other materials that are added together to make them attractive. Hale is a kind of crystal lights, where light passes and reflects breathtakingly. Because of the crystals' ability to collate myriads of colors in one place, the effect of crystal chandelier is something to behold.

Depending on the style and theme of your room, you need to have your ceiling centerpiece complementary. There should be oneness in its other decoration, rather than creating a contrast.

Chandeliers add beauty and elegance when put in your bedroom or bathroom. You need to consider the task lighting and other sources of light you have for the area. If you decide to have the chandelier as the source of general illumination, you should consider its lighting capacity. You can use dimmer switch to adjust its brightness according to the need. They can also serve as complementary light, in which, the brightness is fixed and not very high.

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