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Recognizing and identifying a fake autograph from a real one is a challenge. It can be an even bigger challenge when the celebrity is known to change signatures from time to time. The first most important thing to check for and spot a fake autograph is to check for the spelling. Most often imposters end up spelling the celebrity names wrongly which is quite easy to spot. This is not all checking for the age of the material is also of value and importance. For example: An old celebrity will not have a picture of him in his youth on laser print since the laser print was not available at that time.

One should also keep their eyes open to check for any autographs that are known as secretarials. This means the autographs were not signed by the celebrity but instead signed by their assistants. Such signatures are often printed in bulk and often not worth their value and in most cases is just a waste of time and money.

One may detect fake autographs on the photos and posters but it can be a real task to identify them on memorabilia like shirts and caps. In case of apparel, the cloth soaks the ink and hence it is difficult to determine its authenticity. Since buying signed memorabilia is an investment one may take the help of professionals to determine the authenticity since they have some good ways of testing and detecting fakes.

Some fraudsters are known to produce autographs in bulk with the help of rubber stamps. Such fraudulent autographs are easy to detect since under the magnifying glass they show to have more ink on the edges as compared to the middle. Such an autograph is a classic rubber stamp fake autograph.

Fraudsters are also known to use print machines to give a proper effect to the signature. Since the ink is applied with equal pressure and force on the photograph or poster the resulting autograph is smooth. Usually in a hand signed autograph, the nib of the pen tends to cut through the ink where the letters are found overlapping creating tunnels and bridges which are visible under magnification.

Another popular method used by fraudsters is the autopen. Here the machine makes use of a pent to replicate the handwriting. However, one can check for the use of an autopen by proper checking and scrutinizing the autograph. An autopen always leaves a dot when the pen first touches the paper and another one when it is leaving.

One must understand and make sure to check for fraud twice before buying any autograph since its not just about the time but also about the money. Common sense and little tricks can help one detect and spot fake autographs effectively.

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