Cancun is a dream destination come true for the


Cancun is roughly divided into the Downtown area and the Hotel Zone. Meticulously designed, every facility, be it shopping, dining or nightlife, is a stone's throw away from the Hotel Zone. A day at the beach, a dip in the ocean for scuba diving and snorkeling or a dose in Mayan culture, your Cancun tourist guide can plan it such that all of these are within the easy reach of a day trip.

Sun and the Sand

A lazy day spent sprawled on the beach building sandcastles and soaking in the sun that's a holiday!

Having already paid ode to the world famous beaches of Cancun, lets get deeper into the water. Cancun hosts the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the world's second largest reef... that's a call for all the scuba divers of the world to unite under the Cancun sun! Along with indulging in popular water sports like parasailing or windsurfing, one can just rent a boat or a catamaran for a Jungle tour!

Cancun's Ancient Connection

Cancun's ancient past stands in stark contrast to the constellation of mega resorts that make up its modern identity. Day trips to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba offer a fascinating glimpse into the ancient civilization that flourished here. For a more thorough dwelling into the Mayan culture, equip yourself with a knowledgeable Cancun travel guide to amaze you with facts about the advanced state of the Mayan civilization.

Shopping in Cancun

The city offers every kind of shopping experience; from street side jewelry stands to multistoreyed branded mega malls. Some of these, like the Plaza Las Americas and Plaza Kukulcan, are typical American malls with food courts, cinemas and big brands. Do check out La Isla Shopping Village with its Venetian style canals and a spectacular aquarium. Visit the Downtown area to pick up crafts and artisan silver jewelry from El Centro. If you're looking for souvenirs, Market 28 Cancun's largest flea market stocked to the brim with every possible souvenir is the place for you!

Eating and Drinking

Sizzling fajitas to an array of seafood, tuck into what you please at Cancun's TexMex joints-all differently priced at various places. Restaurants on the sea front in the Hotel Zone offer exotic options accompanied by mariachis in the background. For an authentic, affordable Mexican experience, eat where the locals tank up, a good option being the El Centro mall where you can find everything from tacos to tamales and enchiladas. Don't hesitate to dig into street snacks for the real deal.


A lot of people treat 'Cancun' and 'party' as synonymous words. As the sun sets, tequilas replace the beers and the party actually starts. Hit the bars, discos and open-air clubs, all loud and noisy with music and guests overflowing from the gates. Shows, bikini and pole dancing contests, theme nights, dancers, acrobats and laser shows, Cancun's clubs never disappoint. The city is famous for its monster clubs some of which can house up to five thousand party mad guests. World famous singers have performed at most of these locations.

When the DJ is done spinning and the tequila soaked night stops reverberating in your ears, its time to sprawl on that white sand again!

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