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As color. Carefully observe the lens to determine its fineness about, so the hearts of the use of This lens has a rough judgments. Condition of the decision is mainly used to see signs of wear Diaoqi tube, aperture corroded, so dust inside the lens. Such as looking for a place on the lens view using the most use of signs

Look lenses. The first is to see whether the split over the lens, the second to see dust and ash layer, the third track and see mold coating, the fourth lens to see the white edges and glue the situation, the fifth lens to see the mechanical damage. The situation to determine integrated above the optical part of the lens is acceptable. The first of these depends on whether the lens is removed, this is very important, the more 'advanced a good start,' the more we can not split off.

Look aperture. This may be in the secondary camera is the easiest of the. First look at whether the fat leaf rust, adhesion, deformation, followed by the look is loose leaf, hand-tune the final look at the accuracy of the aperture to see whether the file is good, lag is 'excessive' the.

Look renovation, each item in the used species, its natural 'aging' Although it is possible to have different degree of error, but there will be a 'natural synchronization' sex. This is a bit like humans, not a 80-year-old woman, the body is aging, but his hands were like a big girl of eighteen, which is not normal. Similarly, to see how a lens is gently used, but just perfect lens, which can not find even a small dust, and that natural?

Hear the shutter sound is mainly to listen to the sound, the sound aperture (including positioning sound). Of course, the lens gently in your hand must be done for a normal lens would be a bit 'loose' sound, not suspicious, but not a 'loose' sound, the sound that is a problem.

Touch feel is to have about the damping of various moving parts to see if normal, smoothly, the normal situation is more smoothly moving camera (including domestic lens), if there is abnormal, the situation should be clear. Also sometimes you can not see the deformation of the eye can also 'touch' to 'touch' out there ... ... Well, if nothing more than take shots only to touch, are stronger than what I said.

Finally, take a look at the lens attachments, such as whether the original box manual Original Paper barrel hood what tripod ring, if the annex is complete, so even if prices are still worth a little of your choice.

In fact, there are a lot of second-hand lens can be selected, but I always think, how to buy second-hand lens, it is not clear what to say, that just put a framework, the most important thing is to get personal 'experience', your last When eating time deficit learned more than anything, but the intention of this article or let everyone take some less roundabout it. Specific inspection details, please continue to look back.

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