Blue glass IRCF module bonding line project plans to expand production, China Optics said it will be conducive to market order acquisition in the future


It has been silent for more than a year, and China Optics (002189.SZ) continues to make a fuss on blue glass IRCF components. On the afternoon of September 14, the staff of China Optics Corporation accepted an interview with a reporter from the Associated Press and stated that the construction of the planned expansion project of the blue glass IRCF will be beneficial to the acquisition of market orders and the improvement of efficiency in the future. According to the announcement, the board of directors of China Optics held a meeting on September 13 to deliberate and approve the 'Proposal on the Implementation of Nanyang Lida Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.'s Blue Glass IRCF Module Laminating Line Expansion Project for Smartphones.'

The above-mentioned staff introduced that the company had a layout before the blue glass IRCF project. Now according to the market situation, it is preparing to expand its production capacity. The investment amount and expected customers are inconvenient to disclose. The product is used in mobile phone cameras, and the main function is to improve the image quality.' Insiders said that the blue glass IRCF project of China Optics has a production line before, but the production capacity is small. This expansion project is expected to be completed in up to one year. The actual progress may Faster.

'In the past, Zhongguang made blue glass alone,' the industry insider said, the bonding line is to bond the blue glass and the substrate together as a component, and give it to the camera module Manufacturers, integrated into camera modules, and finally to mobile phone manufacturers; the reason for the expansion of production capacity is that the mobile phone industry is large, and the entire industry chain attaches importance to the scale of production capacity, otherwise it will be difficult to meet the demand for rapid increase in volume.

China Optics has been active in the blue glass IRCF project for a long time, the last time it was in 2018. In 2013, Lida Optoelectronics (Note: Zhongguang once used the same name, the same below) blue glass IRCF project completed the development of coating process and cutting process; September 2014, Lida Optoelectronics smart phone IRCF realized mass production, and mass supply Mobile phone module customers; Lida Optoelectronics' 2018 annual report shows that the 'annual production capacity of 25 million blue glass IRCF module laminating line expansion construction project (Wanlong Huan Shen [2018] No. 43)' was one of the four environmental impact assessment projects that year.

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