Bendable, foldable and compressible, Anpu Optics is determined to be the leader in flexible screen technology


Jiangsu Anpu Optical Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Korean Industrial Park of Yancheng Economic Development Zone, was established in December 2018. It is a company engaged in ultra-thin glass cover u0026 industrial glass, 2.5Du00263D cover, composite sheet cover and intelligent A professional company in the field of home furnishings and new materials in the field of Ru0026D, production and sales. It has full-process production and testing equipment. It is currently the only manufacturer in the domestic industry that can achieve mass production of ultra-thin glass. Industrial control attaches various optical films in the country. Foreign companies have a great competitive advantage. In the company's new product showroom, the newly developed flexible OLEDP screen is particularly eye-catching. Compared with the LCD screen, the thickness of this product is only 0.05 to 0.04 mm, which is not only lighter and thinner in size, but also lower in power consumption, which helps to improve the endurance of the device. At the same time, because the flexible screen can be folded and bent arbitrarily, its durability is also higher, which can reduce the probability of accidental damage to the equipment. Its low power consumption and bendable characteristics can meet the production needs of wearable devices such as smart watches and bracelets, and its self-luminous characteristics can also be made into light-emitting curtains, wallpapers, etc. Wang Difan, Chairman of Anpu Optics, said that the company has started the research and development of flexible screen glass five years ago and has now entered the trial production state. After mass production, it can produce 4 million pieces of ultra-thin flexible screen glass, 200,000 pieces of industrial control screen glass, and 5 million cameras. The annual output value is expected to reach 200 million yuan. With the improvement of video transmission brought by 5G and the mature development of AR games, the market demand for flexible screen products is rapidly increasing. Flexible screens will be widely used in many fields such as wearable devices, automotive products, home appliances, and smart homes. With the gradual running-in and improvement of the industrial chain, the trend of maturity and people-friendly folding screen solutions will accelerate.

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