Beibei Hanyuan tells you what are the precautions for cleaning optical glass before and after coating?


Glass that can change the direction of light propagation and can change the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. According to optical characteristics, optical glass can be divided into: colorless optical glass, optical glass, radiation resistant optical glass, colored optical glass, ultraviolet and infrared optical glass, optical quartz glass, and so on. The cleaning of optical glass is divided into cleaning before coating and cleaning after coating. The processor should choose different cleaning methods according to the difference of pollutants before and after coating, and choose the optical glass cleaning agent before coating. Let Beibei Hanyuan tell you what are the precautions for cleaning optical glass before and after coating.

1. Cleaning the optical glass before coating. The pollutant cleaned before coating is the core oil (also called edging oil. Core refers to the process selected in order to obtain a regular radius and core accuracy), fingerprints, dust, etc. Because the coating process has strict requirements on the cleanliness of the lens, the choice of cleaning agent is very important. 2. Cleaning of optical glass after coating usually includes cleaning before inking, cleaning before joining and cleaning before assembling, among which cleaning before joining (joining refers to bonding two lenses with photosensitive glue into a regular shape, or creating a more curvature, A process of light transmittance) requires strict. If the contaminants to be cleaned before joining are a mixture of dust, fingerprints, etc., it is not difficult to clean, but there are high requirements for the cleanliness of the lens surface. The cleaning method is the same as the previous two cleanings. Strong alkaline cleaning agent can not be used after coating. The required optical glass cleaning agent after coating has strong detergency and can retain the film layer intact. Therefore, after the optical glass is coated, it is usually recommended to use the optical glass cleaning agent after coating.

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