Back in your great-grandparents' time, a daguerrotype was


However, you cannot carry around a video with you; you need to sit down and play it for your guests. Yes, you can -- and do -- carry around a wedding photo with you. But let's face it, that's so 1950s. Ho-hum. How about a *sculpture*? Ever heard of a *wedding sculpture*? No? We offer a totally unique hybrid of photograph and mini-sculpture.

Using high-tech photo crystallization, we create an astonishing product: 3d laser crystal photographs. Hard to describe in words, you have to see it to appreciate its unique charm and beauty. These are photographs that are etched into a crystal in such a way as to 'raise' them in a three-dimensional effect, like a coloured sculpture. What is more, swivelling our product in your hand will allow you to 'see' the 3D photographs not only from the front, but, from the *sides* as well. And -- unlike traditional photographs -- our laser crystals have a vivid, luminous cast to them that glows with a lifelike sheen when they are placed over any light source.

3d laser crystals are both a thoughtful and exciting wedding present. But don't limit yourself to bridals and weddings! If you want lifelike 3D memories of any event, be it birthday, initiation, graduation, or anniversary, our 3d laser crystal technology is your clear-cut choice. And don't forget your 'best friend' -- be it a dog, cat, or parakeet. Pet-lovers will be thrilled to have a photo crystal of their much-loved companion.

We even convert your precious old traditional photographs, say the one of your parents' first date, to Laser Crystal Photographs using our 2d photo to 3d photo crystal technology. Simply provide us with a good quality print and be awed at the crystal photo we convert it into!

Because our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can choose one that works best for you and suits your needs. We can make a finger-sized photo crystal of your one-year-old for you to use as your keychain. And we can also make a full-size crystal block of your latest family group photo for you to keep in your office cubicle. Or, why not let us make a small crystal block of your two children at play -- and present it to the proud grandparents for their mantelpiece? The possibilities are endless.

Is it a photo, is it a sculpture . . . or is it real?! It is our 3d laser crystal -- a cutting-edge yet classic gift that will dazzle for a lifetime.

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