As HTC flagship Windows Phone 8X takes on Nokia Lumia 920



On processors end, both smartphones have been equipped with Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon chipset carrying 1.5GHz dual-core processors. To support it, 1GB RAM has been installed on each of the devices board which is a good match. At both ends, we have noticed almost same speed and performance to run the newest Windows Phone 8 operating system.


Towards the display, HTC 8X features 4.3 inches Super LCD 2 capacitive multi-touch interface with optical lamination, 1280x720 HD resolution and reinforcement of Gorilla Glass. At a pixel density of 341ppi, HTC Window Phone 8X stands out with brilliant color tones. On the other end, Nokia Lumia 920 renders 4.5 inches WXGA IPS LCD rounded glass touch display with a few smart technologies to stand right up. For the first time, we witnessed Nokia ClearBlack technology where company has worked a lot to improve previously known technologies on AMOLED screens. The new technology enhances colors tones and contrasts with a visible reduction in glare in extreme lighting.

The next addition is a spanking new technology known as Nokia PureMotion HD + which offers faster refreshes for delivering flawless graphics. Nokia claims that it features better than HD quality. The 1280x768 higher resolution with a pixel density of 332ppi gives a fine-quality and crisper visual details. We have a strong feeling that HTC is performing better here with its higher pixel density but even then users will not feel a difference in a display density that goes above 300ppi. Nokia Lumia 920's 32GB on-board storage does double of HTC 8X's 16GB. For that fact that both devices lack the microSD card slot, Nokia Lumia 920 has a big edge for storage.


Over the camera, the HTC repeats the specs of HTC One member of its Android family. So unsurprisingly, the phone brings a big setup for your shooting skills. Coming with primary 8MP camera, it features black illuminated sensor with F2.0 aperture, direct chip cable to record HD videos at 1080p with still images at the same time. In addition to this, the phone brings rapid multi-shots function, HDR and LED Flash. On the other side, Nokia Lumia 920 features the Nokia's PureView camera for the first time on Windows Phone. However its 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and featuring the same BSI sensor, F2.0 aperture, Autofocus, dual LED Flash, exposure compensation, optical image stabilization and same 1080p video capturing are some features which still unable to outdo HTC's 8X.

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