Art glass regards as the carrier, add some arts

by:Crylight     2020-08-29

Art glass suppliers tell us that this is a kind of optical processing very special material, can make the light refraction and reflection, scattering and transmission, and even absorb light. However, the photography is a kind of process through the optical imaging, when the light through the glass in a series of transformation, to capture light imaging has become very have technical and skilled.

First, when filming, unfavorable to use direct lighting instead of indirect lighting, the lights illuminate the bright reflective surface, the reflective surface will reflect light the glass art, or put it in plane in front of the background, use lamplight illuminate the background reflected light glass art. It is not so strong, so that the surface colour and lustre is dark, peripheral contour lines and transparent texture can be taken out.

Second, choose bright or dark background, such as smooth matte black paper or cardboard, or use a white or light-colored light bright background paper.

Three, when filming, try not to make the shadow of the camera reflect on glass, 50 cm square black paper are available, and open an observation hole, in the middle block can eliminate the shadow in front of the camera.

Four, shooting color photos, with a big piece of the color of the paper as a background, the paper top pinned to the wall bottom around one foot in front of the table down, and art glass is on the paper, the effect of light source is placed behind the background with backlight.

Five, filming should from the interior orientation taken out of the window, using light to show the shoots outdoor glass transparent, delicate texture.

On the basis of above introduction of art glass suppliers, we can know better how to shoot The following factors need to be considered, the color of the background, shooting angle, the position of the background paper and so on.

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