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An optician might suggest you wearing glasses that consist of lenses. It could either be based on the cylindrical axes or spherical axes. Depending on the intensity of eye disease, an optician may suggest you to wear eyeglass frames of either spherical or cylindrical shapes. Moreover, a lot depends on your comfort at seeing objects as well. You might have come across an optician asking you to testify about your level of comfortableness while checking your eyesight.

Upon visiting an optician, he or she would make you go through a series of tests. Conventionally, the eyesight testing is the primary and most important test to be perform. An eye doctor checks your reading ability by asking you to read against a wall. He/she starts with the alphabetical letters written in black alphabets having greatest magnification. Then, they change the scriptures to lower resolution and further to least. In the process, he/she asks you your level of comfort at seeing those objects.

In case, they find that you are facing any difficulty in reading any of the alphabetical letters at any point of magnification, they then ask you to read them using aided optics. It is at this point, they check for an eye number, which tells about the power of lens you require to use in order to see things under normal vision. Depending on the power of lens, an eye doctor then recommends you either cylindrical or symmetrical prescription glasses. In addition, to reading test, an eye doctor uses instruments such as lensometer and pupilometer.

Further, power of lens could be either positive or negative. A positive value refers that you have short-sightedness, whereas a negative value refers that you have long-sightedness. A short-sightedness is also called 'myopia' and long-sightedness is called 'hyperopia'. A myopic person has difficulty in seeing distance objects, whereas a hyperopic refers to disease that impairs clarity in seeing near objects. In case you are struggling with any of the diseases, then it is advisable to visit an eye clinic at the earliest.

Moreover, the challenge never ends with selecting tight pair of lenses. To look better, you may select designer eyeglass frames. Most frame designs depend on unique shape of lenses. You can choose any shape of lens you like against the color of frame that suits you the best. You may choose thinner frames in case you are choosing frameless or semi-frame models. Similarly, you may choose thicker frames to look bolder.

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