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Ever wondered how does a pencil, immersed in a water, look like as if the part immersed in the water is somewhat bend to one side and is little greater ? That is due to the fact although the surface of water in a translucent glass is apparently straight, it is somewhat curved, which is called meniscus. The same principle is concerned in binoculars. The lens used in the binoculars is curved and is thicker in the middle (called convex in physics), so light rays coming from the far away things make a focused image on the lens. But there is a hitch; such images passing through the contact lenses make a cross over and seen as upside down. So you will ask how do we get the larger strait picture rather than an upside down image?

That is a good and quick thinking. This is through two measures; one is since there is another convex lens through which you look does the opposite of the first lens so that you see a greater picture, second step is that amongst the two lenses, there are two prisms placed in ninety degree angle to each other which will rotate the image together to 180 degrees to make the image look straight. That is the working principle of your binoculars. The lens through you look is called the eye piece lens and the lens through which the image happens in is called as the objective lens.

Before purchasing binocular you have to consider some points to choose which type of binoculars you should buy. One is the way you are going to use like in a fair to see how the city looks like up from the giant wheel or from a adjustable storey developing, then you need a little inexpensive one only. Whereas if you are an ardent night hawk watching those stars tingling, then you need an expensive highly effective one. This will ensure that you get quality lens that magnify things afar, as well as safe to your eyes gazing through them for a considerable time. A binocular that magnifies things for about eight to ten instances are an ideal choice, mainly because they give a better concentrate. Binoculars that magnifies larger than that will have a sudden change of focus even with little actions, which will be taking your eyes to task.

With binoculars you can experience some terrific issues on your trips. A distinct view of the whiskers of that lion, the forked tail of that rare bird or you can count the spots on that leopard basking in the Sun during a safari.

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