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Eyes can become red and inflamed for several reasons - even when we don't wear contact lenses! So, when you add an artificial item inside, you're bound to experience some of these effects. When you put your contacts into your eye, you could possibly be putting many other particles, dust, or even other substances inside. We touch our contact lenses with our bare hands, so for instance: if you just applied lotion to your hands, you could very well get some of the lotion on your lenses. There is also the concern of contact lens size. Just like eyeglasses frames, or even a pair of shorts, you need to make sure that your contacts fit you perfectly. Just by this simple adjustment, your eyes will notice a great difference!

Sometimes it can feel like your eyes are never going to feel normal again, but there are actually several remedies that can aid in your pain and irritation! The number one thing you must make sure that you always have is your contact care kit. Usually this is made up of your contacts, their holders, a disinfectant, and a saline solution. This can help you with the problem of allowing other pesky particles to enter your eye. You certainly don't want your contacts getting dirty or even dry, so ensuring that you have these helpful tools on you at all times is very crucial to clear, relaxed eyes! It's also good to keep around an eye dropper with some kind of artificial tears, or rewetting solution inside. Eyes get dry from looking through contact lenses all day and may just need to be lubricated every now and again...

Contact lenses are a wonderful invention as a replacement for prescription eyeglasses. However, it is important to sometimes give your eyes a rest; it's difficult for our eyes to host such an artificially made object on a continuous basis! So, even if you really hate wearing eyeglasses, you should have a few pairs laying around for rainy days, and for nighttime use. It's always best that if you're wearing your contacts all day long, be sure to let them rest in the evening when you're home! You can even find a pair of cheap eyeglasses online! Just keep your eyes healthy and happy, and your uncomfort should slip away!!

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