Although 35mm film SLR cameras are still used,


But due to the vast array of options available, it's not that easy to find the best SLR camera for you. These three points should be taken into consideration before running down to your local electronic store.


When, where and how are you going to use your camera. This will have the biggest impact on which camera is best for you. For instance, if you were a professional photographer on assignment, your camera needs to have professional features and be durable. That camera will be transported all over the place and probably have to endure a range of different weather. There are accessories to aid in protecting the camera, but the camera, itself, should be durable.

Conversely, if you're a hobbyist upgrading from a point and shoot camera, your requirements will be a lot less intense. You may simply need a camera that's user friendly and has the options to use automatic functions, to make the transition to an SLR as easy as possible.


Another important point to be aware of is what lenses sold with the camera and what lenses are available to purchase in the future. Many camera lenses are interchangeable within the same camera manufacturer. But price should be considered as well as the availability of third party lenses.

Third party lenses are made by other vendors than the camera manufacturer. Many of these lenses are high quality, yet cheaper than brand named lenses. But knowing what's available for your camera can help you make a decision.

For amateur photographers who have little or no experience with lenses, it is important to get at least one lens when purchasing the camera (and most digital SLRs can be purchased with at least one lens). The lens tends to be generic and not suitable for macro photography or telephoto shots. But it does provide close-up and long distance shots, which is great for a first lens.


When trying to find the best SLR camera for you, your budget is a key factor. But be aware that sometimes, spending a little more money gets you a lot more value. Although it is possible to purchase a digital SLR for a few hundred dollars, particularly if purchasing an older model that is pre-owned, a brand new recent model will cost several hundred dollars and can easily run into thousands.

While there are other factors that should be considered, you should know what your requirements are for the camera's use, its lenses and your price budget. Knowing these three things will make purchasing the best SLR camera hassle free.

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