Acer's obsession for Windows 7 can be understood


1. Windows 7 Seems Slow

Did you know that sometime the appealing features of a software or hardware can be a curse? Yes, same happens with Windows 7. If its not running well, chances are you can easily fix that by turning off superfluous effects. Adjust the Visual Effects setting under the Performance tab for best performance.

2. Windows Aero Not Working

The visual enhancement that lets you peak through the open windows to have a glimpse of the background application window or desktop sometimes gets disabled. As these effects consume your computer's resource so the Windows may automatically disable it to bring performance. Enable it from the Control Panel. In case, you are not comfortable then go for Acer tech support . Experts can check the problem deep inside the registry hive. They can edit the registry settings under the 'regedit' window and amend the settings associated with KEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsDWM.

3. Older Programs Not Compatible

Are you facing issues with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop or Intuit or any other software under the new Windows 7 environment? Remember, it indicates some version conflict or compatibility issue. Try to check the software compatibility through the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, it will suggest about compatible software version. There is a work out as well, that you can select to run the program in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. To install a program in Compatibility Mode, right-click its installation file and select > Properties. In its Properties window switch to the Compatibility tab.

4. DVD Drive Not Found

You inserted a CD/DVD into the optical drive to watch your favorite music or vide but failed. So what has gone wrong here, when it was working well with the Windows XP? Listen to the Microsoft Fix It tool or go with the registry editing. A formidable back is must before the editing task.

Whether your system is in or out of warranty period, experts can help with the system to fix any software or hardware related issues in no time. Hardware repair and replacement service comes at no cost within the warranty period and is also in-house support.

Tech support framework for Acer products is also available from independent service providers, so you don't have to think much. Have a mutual comparison of services, terms and conditions and support plans along with prices before banking on any one of the service provider.

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