A spotting scope has a few things in common with


Spotting scope - difference with astronomy telescopes

A Swarovski spotting scope is light in weight and solid in the make so that it can be easily carried over rough and rugged terrains. It can easily fit onto any good camera mount. Moreover, it is possible to optimize spotting scopes for viewing terrestrial objects, while astronomy telescopes are a good use for observing celestial objects. A spotting scope gives an upright image while an astronomy telescope produces an inverted image.

Spotting scope - three major types

The straight-through type

The angled type

The shoulder-mounted type

Swarovski spotting scopes of the first type are the scopes which enable you to look straight through them. All you need to do is to hold the scope up to the eye. The eyepiece of the straight-through type scope is in a straight line with the eye of the user. This type is good for use to look around outside a car window while driving. Being lighter in weight than the other two spotting scope types, it is the right purchase for travelers on the move.

Spotting scopes of the second type have eyepieces mounted at a sharp 45 degree angular position. Swarovski spotting scopes of the angled type come with unusual configuration which is suitable for long-term observation of targets, for example birds. It is a good use for tall persons. Apart from this, it gives a wide field of view at higher elevations, without any need to mount it on a taller tripod.

Spotting scopes of the third type come fitted with a stock enabling the user to mount the scope on the shoulder. A Swarovski spoting scope of the shoulder-mounted type retain the stability and strength of a tripod mount. Using it does not require any stand or setting up. Therefore, it is easy to be carried from one location to the other.

Knowing the types is a way out of the confusion which many buyers face regarding what type of a spotting scope to buy. Hope, you find it useful.

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