A paintball gun has been in use since over 30 years


Paintball Guns and Accessories

There are many companies in the U.S today that make good and cheap paintball guns. Various types and brands of guns are made such as the Tippmann guns, Spyder guns and Sniper guns. You can also purchase useful upgrades and parts for the guns.

It's not enough that you have the equipment for the game, but you should also look at the safety aspect too. Paintball gun safety accessories such as a mask of different types are available. A mask with the thermal lenses, requisite padding and ventilation which is easily manoeuvrable can be obtained.

Paintball Gun Barrels

You can upgrade your gun by purchasing simple paintball gun barrels. This can greatly enhance the performance of your game. You will be able to shoot accurately, straight and farther too. If you buy barrels from good shops, you can get a wide selection. If you gun breaks a paintball inside, the JJ barrels will clean themselves very well. BT barrels will help to make your gun look genuine and invert barrels are attractive.

You can buy a paintball barrel gear if you are a player who plays at different fields and uses many paintballs. Different paintballs have to be tried out to check if they fit well into the barrel's bore. A good selection of paintball gun barrels from different companies is available.

Accessories for paintball gun barrels can also be purchased as they can be handy sometime or the other. Barrel plugs and covers and adaptors should be bought to protect your barrel. Squeegees or lanyards are all useful to clean the fragments which are normally bits of paintballs.

How to Play Paintball

The members of the game are divided into two equal teams. The game starts when both the teams are at their bases. If a player is hit, the ball has to leave a mark on the player or equipment. If the ball hits on a surface nearby and the paint splashes on the player, then it's called a splatter. If you are not certain of the hit, you can shout out 'paint check'. If a team member is hit, he has to place his gun over his head and immediately leave the field. If the objective of the game is elimination, then you have to play to eliminate the opponent's team members. Use cheap paintball guns for ordinary games.

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