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Technique of 3D glasses work on the basic idea of human eye. It means the way human eye behaves is the basic idea on which this technique of 3D works. Just like a human eye, when you watch a 3D movie wearing the above mentioned glasses, you get to see two images which are slightly different from each other. This method was use in the past for film making. In recent days, this technique is used in a better form. Today, two images are being projected by the polarizer. For example, right lens may allow only vertical light and left lens may allow horizontal light.

This is the technique used by film makers and cinemas but there are more two methods which are in use these days to experience 3D technology at home with the help of 3D glasses. These techniques are known as lenticular and active shutter glasses. In lenticular technique, we do not require any kind of3D glasses because the TV itself creates 3D image. In active shutter glasses, we do need specialized battery powered LCD to enjoy 3D images.

This 3D image entertainment has changed the over all meaning of entertainment for people in the last couple of years. These days, more and more people want to enjoy this 3D entertainment and are paying very huge amounts to avail this opportunity.

Over all, it can be said that hype has been created among the people about this new technique.

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