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At Crystal Medical, we are committed to providing you with great value solutions, and therefore great investment solutions for your salon. With the Sigma LumiMed Pro 48, we believe this system will provide your salon with a great tool to increase your profitability.

The award winning Taje Temple of Beauty in Wales has the ethos to bring their clients innovative treatments. Now with a client base of over 2000 clients, it proves that such an investment is a positive solution for any beauty salon.

Traditional liposuction methods are invasive and therefore require surgery by a cosmetic surgeon. Laser liposuction however, can be carried out by beauty salon staff, in the relaxing environment of a salon room. The award winning 'The Retreat Harrold' in Bedford, provides laser liposuction and also such beauty treatments as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. As laser liposuction is a gentle treatment, there is opportunity to give a second beauty treatment such as an Indian Head Massage simultaneously.

The perfect laser liposuction system - The Sigma LumiMed Pro 48

The Sigma LumiMed Pro 48 is designed to eloquently fit into any luxurious salon. Not only is this system aesthetically pleasing but it is also a piece of medical grade standard equipment. At Crystal Medical we understand that in order to provide a medical piece of equipment we need to charge medical equipment prices, and not a price which reflects its commercial value. Our prices are therefore lower than some other systems, who can charge up to 40,000 for a system.

Upon purchase we offer free fully comprehensive training for use at your salon. If you are an existing laser liposuction system user and would like to convert to using the Lumi range, why not hire out our systems to test drive the system? The Sigma LumiMed Pro 48 costs just 79.00 per week.

Give your clients the treatment they have been dreaming about.

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