Orbs, in the sense of ghosts and spirits, are


These ghostly orbs frequently fly around in groups and are postulated life forces of the dead. The little balls of light additionally are quite photogenic, too, as they are definitely one of the most common irregularities on film and in videos. Nevertheless, some orbs in photos are not ghosts; occasionally small artifacts are evident in pictures when the flash is employed. When this occurs, small specks of grime, soot, moisture, and other things are lit up, and the end result in this situation is typically blamed on backscatter.

Remember not all orbs are merely dust or whatnot, though. Many folks have published pictures and other media of orbs in action that actually photographic authorities have examined and concluded that there was no Earthly explanation for. Of course, there is rationale but it is not inevitably Earthly.

So why would spirits prefer to present themselves as small balls of energy? Authorities in paranormal analysis maintain that using this spherical form, orbs use a lot less energy and moving around is faster and easier. The same researchers also speculate that throughout the months between October and February orbs are less frequent and fuller-bodied, more human-like figures and are more frequently observed. This is since the winter tends to produce different types of energy, in particular static electricity. Other means that provide the balls of energy strength consist of the natural environment, lightning, and human activity.

Balls of Energy New Orleans

New Orlean, America's well known Most Haunted City in the U.S, is the location of more orb, ghost, and spirit sightings and experiences than practically anywhere else in the country. From the long-haunted myths and storied paranormal experiences of New Orleans's French Quarter, visitors to New Orleans (save for a handful of other locations around the globe) have a better chance of experiencing the paranormal than practically anywhere else in the entire world.

Want to capture an orb or ghost on film? Snap plenty of photos at night. Make sure that the atmosphere is relatively dry when doing so and that the camera lens is clear of any dirt, dust, or soot.

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