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4.Before you place again your contact lenses, rinse each side with new solution again.Sadly, simply being diligent about washing your contact lenses daily is not enough. In order infection will be prevented and maintain good eye health, it is imperative) that you carefully sterilize your contact lens cases on a constant basis.Sterilizing One's Contact Lens HoldersSadly, contact lens cases may be a source of micro organisms maturity and may conveniently result to infection. So that avoid problems resulting from micro organisms and bacteria transferring to your lenses from your lens cases, you should carefully disinfect your contact lenses on a regular basis.There are a few varied suggested methods for properly sterilizin contact lens cases.1.Empty, wash and cleanse your contact lens cases every few days. The cases should be cleaned with the chemical mixtures advised by the supplier of the lens holder. When no such recommendation may be seen on the box, try reaching the supplier's client assistance division to find what to suggest. While this method is quite easy, it is not foolproof in sanitizing and destroying all bacteria.2.Many contact lens users suggest simply placing contact lens cases in the dishwasher. The heat and thorough action from the dishwasher's mechanism is practically sure to kill all bacteria on your contact lenses.3.A better way to sterilize youone's contact lenses with burning sensation is to put your contact lens cases in a pot of very hot water in your kitchen for 5 to 10 minutes.Always make sure that you are not only sterilizing the cases, but also the caps. Be precise and regular in your contact lens holder sterilizing. When you don't trust yourself to do so, simply invest in some cheap cases and replace them often.

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