A headrest car monitor is one of the simplest


Headrest car monitors allow separate multimedia video sources to play on each individual monitor. This allows greater flexibility for the units to play more than regular videos. For example, you can hook up an Xbox or Playstation directly to 1 headrest car monitor and a portable DVD or Blu-Ray player directly to a separate color monitor car headrest. Keep the kids occupied with their favourite games and the adults with their favourite movies. To ensure privacy, and also not to disturb everybody else in the vehicle, wireless infrared or wired plug-in headsets can also be added.

Technology has advanced so much nowadays that you can even include multiple new functions with your headrest car monitors whether as an add-on or built-in feature. Memory card slots, for virtually every type of memory card such as SD/MMC/MS etc., can be used for people who want to view their digital camera or camcorder footage on a bigger screen without having to wait until get home. TV tuners allow a person to watch their favourite TV programs in real time and wherever they go. This is subject to availability in each country of course and also depends on the area they are travelling in to ensure good reception.

One of the most basic features of a headrest car monitor is its ability to play regular music CD's in addition to DVD's. As with all things, even this feature has advanced as well. Now most headrest car monitors also include a FM transmitter which allows the user to wireless broadcast their favourite songs directly to the car's own stereo system. This allows everybody in the automobile to enjoy the music from the higher quality of the vehicle's surround sound system. Not enough songs on a CD to please everybody's musical preference? A built-in USB port, iPod connector or external HDD plug-in will solve this issue by allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of your most preferred MP3's to be easily accessed and played on your headrest car monitors.

Headrest LCD car monitors offer an easy and quick solution to all your in-car entertainment needs. Most headrest car monitors allow installations in areas that do not take up additional room in your car, van, SUV or truck. Since the majority of color monitor car headrests on the market today are sold with the headrest pillow already, you won't need to hire a professional installer to cut holes in your own headrests just to install the monitors. Plus they come in a multitude of colors to match the interior of any vehicle and now come with custom zipper covers so that potential thieves won't know that you have them installed in your car.

Headrest LCD car monitors are available in many different TFT LCD screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to an incredible 11 inches, and counting, and also includes normal aspect ratios to widescreen ratios. Some headrest car monitors can even flip out and swivel 360 degrees allowing not only the rear passengers to view it, but the front passengers as well. It doesn't matter which country you live in as a headrest car monitor will now include NTSC and PAL auto switching built right in. Experience the joy of having headrest LCD car monitors for your vehicle!

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