A contact lens, also known as a contact, is a corrective


Somewhat more pronounced in color, enhancement tints are designed to enhance the natural color of the iris. Enhancement tints are often used by people with light-colored eyes who wish to enhance their natural color. The color tints are intense tints designed to significantly change the color of the iris. Colored tint lenses completely change a person's eye color, as a someone might change her hair color. These contact lenses are also commonly used with holiday theatrical costumes, Halloween costumes, and sporting-event fan costumes.

Night and day contact lenses should be worn after consultation with an eye care professional. Your eyes will be checked to clear against any potential problems that could come about with contat lens use such as infections and swelling. These contact lenses are placed on the cornea to correct vision problems such as myopia or hypermetropia. They work by refocussing light rays to the retina. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved such contact lenses for use from day to night for a maximum period of thirty successive days. Those, however, who have eye infection or eye allergies should not try to wear these contact lenses lest they aggravate their condition.

It must also be noted that the world of contact lenses is diversified too. You will be able to find contact lenses of any niche under the sun, you will have to look at the right place. Mainly there are three types of contact lenses available, the correctives ones, the fashionable non corrective ones and the recent addition of the combination of corrective and non corrective contact lenses for the power users, who demand style as well as utility. Contact lenses can be worn according to the time period associated with the lens.

Contact lenses play a huge role in making people increase the attractiveness of their eyes. Nowadays, use of contact lenses is extremely popular among teenage girls, and they are available in different colors. 'Geo Color Circle Contact Lens' is an infinitely popular product throughout Asia and especially in Korea and Japan. Japanese and Korean girls have been using Geo Korean color circle contact lens for many years to enhance their beauty.

Mono focus corrections are the most common. With aging, multi focus corrections become progressively important for most folks, because the eyes lose elasticity. For single focus, contacts give the wider view, but for multi focus the advantage can be with spectacles tailored to have different prescriptions in different areas. Bi and Tri focal glasses are antiques compared to modern progressive lenses. Contact lenses are improving for multi focus, but still lack the range of spectacles. Also, cylindrical correction for different angles around the pupil (astigmatism) can be degraded if a contact lens moves off center of cornea or rotates.

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