A computer mouse makes the work on a computer


Mechanical: The mechanical mouse is a traditional old type, which is commonly known as a ball mouse. It has a hard rubber ball underneath, which rolls when the device is being moved. This ball is attached to two cylindrical shafts and sensors. The computer interprets the signals sent by these sensors and moves the cursor accordingly. One of the major drawbacks of a ball mouse is the movement of the ball. When the mouse is new; it has a pretty smooth movement. With time the surface of the rubber ball loses its smoothness due to dust particles and exposure to the environment. As a result, the cursor's movement staggers. A ball mice usually require a pad to work efficiently.

Optical: To overcome the disadvantages of a ball mouse, the optical mice use LED sensor to detect the surface. When the sensor detects a surface underneath, it sends back signals to the computer, resulting in movement of the cursor.

Laser: From the heavy rubber ball to an optical mouse, the technology has seen important changes. These two types still require a pad to work effectively. Hence, the laser mouse was developed. This device is more accurate, as the movement is tracked by a laser beam. The laser mice are widely used for gaming due to its high accuracy.

Blue Track: Microsoft has launched a revolutionary technology called blue track. This device uses a blue beam to interpret the cursor movement. This beam is four times larger than the conventional laser and provides more precise movements. The biggest advantage of this mouse is the ability to use it on almost any surface. This model does not require a mouse pad and works accurately on any surface like glass, granite, carpet, etc.

Cordless: One of the major drawbacks of a corded mouse is cord tangling. The cord also restricts the movement and the mouse has limitations due to the cord's length. One solution to this problem is to use a cordless mouse. Cordless mice are easy to maneuver and very convenient. They are best to be used with a laptop. The cordless mice run on battery, which needs to be changed with time and usage. Plenty of options are available in the form of laser and optical cordless mice, but with slightly higher price tags when compared to their corded counterparts.

Trackball: This is a mouse flipped upside down. It has a ball placed on the top, which can be moved with your fingers while the rest of the body remains stationary.

3D Mouse: This type of mouse is used to work in a 3D space. This concept is fairly new, but is already gaining popularity.

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