CRYLIGHT 2022 annual fire safety knowledge Training and fire emergency evacuation drill


In order to improve the fire safety awareness of all staff, effectively master the fire safety knowledge, implement the fire safety responsibility, strengthen the emergency evacuation and handling ability, and get familiar with the emergency action order and evacuation route in case of fire accident, the company launched the 2022 annual fire safety knowledge training and fire emergency evacuation drill on December 9.

This activity is divided into two parts: fire safety training, fire emergency evacuation drill and fire fighting practice drill. First of all, at 4pm, representatives of all departments of the company conducted fire safety training in the meeting room of the building. Zhang Xiuquan, director of operations, through the introduction of some actual safety risk cases, learned the fire safety knowledge and precautions, as well as how to evacuate through the safety channel in time when a fire occurs, which improved everyone's awareness of fire safety, so that everyone has a more profound understanding of fire safety.

At about 16:50, all employees began fire emergency evacuation drills under the guidance of safety officers on all floors. Upon hearing the fire alarm bell, all employees immediately put down their work and evacuated their posts in an orderly manner. After taking relevant safety measures (such as power supply, heater, alcohol lamp, etc. are turned off by special personnel), there is no need to change the work clothes, shoes and hats. According to the floor fire evacuation instructions and escape signs, evacuate quickly and orderly along the nearest safety channel. In the evacuation process, pay attention to walking on the right side of the stairway, do not take the elevator, keep quiet and do not play. Prevent stampedes. And get to the safe rendezvous point in front of the building as fast as you can. The security officers in charge of guiding each area can evacuate only after ensuring that all the personnel in the area have been evacuated. Finally, the head of each department shall count the number of people respectively to ensure that no one is missed and all people are evacuated safely.



Then, some employees who are not familiar with the use of fire extinguishers set out to the park decoration garbage placement point for practical exercise. When the fire safety personnel lit the prepared garbage inflammables, everyone eagerly stepped forward to experience a fire extinguisher, each holding fire extinguishers, according to the training knowledge of the technical essentials of fire extinguishers, have a practical operation to put out the fire, the inflammables were quickly put out safely. The event was a complete success.

This evacuation drill is a precaution. To ensure the safety of the company's public property and the lives of employees, safety is no small matter, and there is a long way to go.

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