3D crystal engraving involves using sophisticated


Generally, the basic step in 3D crystal engraving involves capturing a kind of photograph. Manufacturers creating collectibles for travelers may use iconic and popular images. Other companies are usually accepting a photo that the customer personally takes. Such photos may contain single figure such as a pet or many figures like family or group of friends. The larger your photograph is, the more expensive the engraving process will become. Large photographs are requiring large crystals and often demand more time in the engraving machine.

The photograph is then scanned by the engraving software and will be uploaded into a machine projecting the picture into a crystal shape as millions of small points known as point clouds and it will inform the laser where to engrave. The laser of the 3D laser engraving machine http://www.laser-fox.com/ will shine into the crystal and this creates tiny fractures under the surface of the shape. More solid clusters of fractures are representing lighter shading areas while the sparser ones will create the darker shading. A lot of 3D crystal engraving processes is producing black and white images instead of the colored ones.

Once finished, the customer is allowed to choose displaying the crystal in front of LED light. Some manufacturers are also selling crystal pedestals with built in lights. The lights may be pink, green, blue and white. There are some lights also that change their colors and fade from one color to the next. If you are looking to get fancy, you can even find lighted pedestals rotating the crystals where you are able to see the image from different angles.

The crystals that are placed in the 3D crystal engraving machine http://www.laser-fox.com/ which is used for 3D crystal engraving are available in variety of sizes and shapes. One of the highly popular shapes includes the simple cubes. Many people prefer this over the others because it can be fitted with several pictures easily. Also, this variety is much less expensive and is excellent for people who are on a budget but still want to get their own engraved crystals to showcase some photos.

Besides simple cubes, the other popular types include the tall and squat rectangles. There are cylindrical and diamond shaped crystals available as well but they are rarer and are quite expensive. While these crystals appear to be simple, their 3d laser crystal machine corners or square edges catch light and this makes them wonderful to have. It is the faceting that often adds a little to its price although many customers believed that it can also add a touch of elegance.

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