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The ZnSe Window is made from ZnSe material, Zinc Selenide is the most popular material for infrared applications. It can transmit from 0.6um to 20 um. With its low absorption at IR wavelengths and visible transmission ZnSe based components including windows, output couplers, Prisms and lenses are widely used especially for high power IR laser.
Material: ZnSe
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.2mm
Clear Aperture: >80%
Parallelism: 1'
Surface Quality: 80/50
Wavefront Distortion: λ per 25mm
Bevel: <0.25mm X 45°
Coating: Uncoated

Part No. φ(mm) T (mm)
WIN-ZnSe-101 8 0.5
WIN-ZnSe-102 12 1
WIN-ZnSe-201 25.4 2
WIN-ZnSe-202 25.4 3