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 The true zero-order waveplate means that the thickness of wavepalte is very thin(less than 0.1mm) which make the true zero order waveplate excellent in temperature,wavelength and incident angle(about 20deg) bandwidth. Therefore, it's excellent choice for the highly accurate application. It is cemented with a block of glass which is limited to low and medium power application.
Material: Quartz
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
Wavefront Distortion : λ/8 @ 632.8nm
Retardation Tolerance: λ/300
Parallelism: <1 arc second
Surface Quality: 20/10
Clear Aperture: >90%
Coating: S1&S2: R<0.2% @ wavelength

Cemented by Epoxy
Better Temperature Bandwidth
Wide Wavelength Bandwidth

Standard wavelength:
355nm,532nm, 632.8nm, 780nm,808nm, 850nm, 980nm,1064nm, 1310nm, 1480nm, 1550nm
Half Waveplates P/N#  Quarter Waveplates P/N# Diameter(mm) 
WPF210 WPF410 10
WPF212 WPF412 12.7
WPF215 WPF415 15
WPF220 WPF420 20
WPF225 WPF425 25.4
WPF230 WPF430 30