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 Achromatic waveplate is similar to Zero-order waveplate except that the two plates are made from different materials, such as crystal quartz and magnesium fluoride. Since the dispersion of the birefringence can be different for the two materials, it is possible to specify the retardation values at a wavelength range. Hence, the retardation of the resulting waveplate can be made to low sensitivity to wavelength change. Based on the contact methods of two plates, we classify the achromatic waveplate to two types: Airspaced and Cemented.
Material: Crystal Quartz and MgF2
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
Wavefront Distortion : λ/8 @ 633nm
Retardation Tolerance: λ/100 at specified wavelength
Parallelism: <3 arc second
Surface Quality: 20/10
Clear Aperture: >90%
Coating: S1&S2: R<0.2% @ wavelength
Standard Wavelength: VIS: 465-650nm; NIR:700-1000nm; IR:1200-1650nm
Notes:Other wavelengths within the range of 400-2000nm are also avaiable upon request.

Half Waveplates P/N#  Quarter Waveplates P/N# Diameter(mm)
WPH210 WPH410 10
WPH212 WPH412 12.7
WPH215 WPH415 15
WPH220 WPH420 20
WPH225 WPH425 25.4