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BIBO (BiB3O6) is a newly developed Nonlinear Optical Crystal. It possesses large effective nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold and is non-hydroscopic. It's nonlinear coefficient is 3.5 - 4 times higher than that of LBO, 1.5 -2 times higher than that of BBO. It can efficiently frequency doubling the 946nm to produce blue laser at 473nm.
Aperture: 2x2 ~ 25x25mm
Lenght: 0.1 - 20mm
Cutting Angle q and f: Determined by different kinds of homonic generartion
Phase matching type: Type I or Type II
End Configuration: Plano/Plano or Brewst/Brewst or Specified


Angle tolerance: Δθ< ± 0.5°; Δφ< ±0.5°
Dimensional Tolerance: (W ± 0.1mm) x (H ± 0.1mm) x (L + 0.2mm/-0.1mm)
Flatness: <λ/8 at 633nm
Surface Quality: 10/5 Scracth/Dig
Parallelism: < 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity: < 5 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion: <λ/8 at 632.8nm
Clear Aperture: Central 95%
Chamfer: 0.15x45°
Coating: * Protective coating is required to prevent polished surfaces from fogging.
* Anti-reflective coating should be considered if low reflectivity is required.


Crystal Structure Monoclinic,point group 2
Cell Parameters a =7.116Å, b=4.993Åc=6.508ÅZ=2,b=105.5868°
Melting Point 726 °C
Optical Homogeneity △n ≈10-6/cm
Mohs Hardness 5 - 5.5
Density 5.033 g/cm3
Absorption Coefficient < 0.1%/cm (at 1064 nm)
Hygroscopic Susceptibility none
Specific heat 0.5 J/gm-K at 330K
Thermal Expansion Coefficients X, 4.8 x 10-5/K
Y, 4.4 x 10-6/K
Z, -2.69x10-5/K


Phase-matchable SHG range 306.5nm-1250nm
NLO coefficients d11 = 2.53 pm/V, d12=2.3 pm/V
d13 = -1.3 pm/V, d14=2.3 pm/V
d25=2.4 pm/V,d26= 2.8 pm/V,
d35=-0.9pm/V,d36=2.4 pm/V,
Refractive Index nx=1.7573, ny=1.7840, nz=1.9172 @1064nm
nx=1.7885, ny=1.8204, nz=1.9636 @532nm
Transmission Range 286nm - 2500 nm

Sellmeier Equations:
nx2 = 3.0740+0.0323/(λ2-0.0316)-0.01337λ2
nx2 = 3.1685+0.0373/(λ2-0.0346)-0.01750λ2
nx2 = 3.6545+0.0511/(λ2-0.0371)-0.02260λ2